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my name is charles webster baer .    I am a a white , straight , male , buddhist , american who lives in redmond oregon usa .    I have never been married and have zero kids .     I was born and raised in santa cruz california in 1969 .  I went to high school in newport , rhode island .    I graduated college from the university of hawaii at hilo in 1994 and moved to santa fe , new mexico .    I moved to portland oregon in 1999 .     in the year 2000 I created global internet government .    in 2007 I moved to bend oregon .    I taught english in china from 2014 to 2017 .    




my name is charles webster baer .   I have had a great life .   I want to thank all my friends and family for the love and support .    thank you very much .    I grew up in santa cruz california .     I love santa cruz .    I was there a few months ago and had a great time .     in fifth grade I moved to oklahoma city and went to school at casady .     in eighth grade I said man this sucks and moved to newport rhode island .    newport kicks ass , its like an east coast santa cruz .     anyway , while in high school , I basically figured out what I was going to do with my life .     I decided that I was going to spend the rest of my life attempting to explain to my species that we need to stop reproducing .    we need to do what the chinese are doing .     one woman one child .    all humans need to do this now and forever .    so , in high school I made up my mind .    my only goal is to get this message through to everyone .     so that is what I have done .   

after graduating from high school in 1987 , I moved to maui .     maui , of course is fantastic .    after a year there , I went to humboldt state university in northern california in 1988 .     when bush won the election I said to hell with this and back to maui .     in 1990 my parents insisted I go to college so the compromise was college on the big island .    hilo .     love hilo .   fantastic .    graduated in december 94 .     in january 95 I made the only decision I have ever made in my life .

my gradfather was born in cupertino , in silicon valley .    my father was born in palo alto .     so it was plan a for me to go there and make lots of money on the internet thing .     but I said no .   I said Im going to OFFICIALLY do what I know I have to do .    and I moved to santa fe to continue my mission .   while in santa fe , new mexico , I became a journalist for surfer magazine and snowboarder magazine .      I wrote gonzo journalism for them while I waited for them to green light my environmental and anti overpopulation stuff .    it never happened .     

in 1999 I moved to portland oregon .    in the spring of 2000 I created gig .   gig is global internet government .     it was clear that gig was what I had been looking for .     so I set out to inform everyone that gig was the deal .     no one paid any attention to me .    so I spent the next two decades improving and promoting gig . 

in 2007 I moved to bend oregon .    bend is great .     I continued to work on my web site , and unsuccessfully ran for city council in 2012 .     in 2014 I moved to china for 3 years to teach english .    I love china and want to go back for a long time soon .     in 2018 I unsuccessfully ran for mayor of bend .    in 2019 I moved to redmond oregon .    in 2020 I am running for city council of redmond oregon .   

no that I am an adult , I am , and shall always be, calm , relaxed , polite , optomistic , positive , grateful , happy , kind , and I will walk slow , talk slow , drive slow , think slow , and do everything slow .    this is adult charles and he is a hip cat .    stay tuned for my all new super long exteded mix autobiography coming out soon .     again , thanks to my great and amazing family for all the love and support .