global internet government is uniting the world in three ways .    earth , law and cash . 


gig is uniting the world with cash by creating a global cyber currency .


gig is financially and economically uniting the world with transparency , economic treaties and ballanced budget ammendments .      gig will monitor every financial transaction by every government on earth .     this will reduce corruption and allow tax payers to see where thier money goes .    gig will create regional trade agreements for different regions of the world .     


gig will create area's like europe in south america and south east asia and east europe where countries come together to form economic unions just like the e . u . 

europe has shown us how to do this and now the whole world needs to do it , with help from global internet government . 

also , gig has created FOGBANK , which will take over all the currency needs of humans in this millennium .     unfortunately , at this time , my legal team has advised me not to publically discuss the details of this arrangement .