gig is global internet government

gig is

hi .   my name is charles webster baer .    I am the founder , president and owner of gig .   I created gig in portland oregon usa in the spring of 2000 .     gig is the world government .    gig supports the united nations and international monetary fund .     gig will help the U N and the I M F unite the world .     gig will create a platform for everyone to participate with and contribute to the U N and the I M F .     gig is a social network that will simplify what the U N and the I M F are doing so that everyone can understand how they affect them .      gig will monitor every financial transaction by every government on earth .     gig is a social network and a media outlet that will help the U N and the I M F do their job's quicker and better .     gig will allow all people to better understand and be a part of the government of their nation and the government of their world and thee government of their city .     


the U N is uniting the world politically with freedom and democracy and equality and female reproductive rights .     female reproductive rights means that ALL FEMALES ON EARTH HAVE THE RIGHT TO TOTAL AND FREE ACCESS TO ALL FORMS OF BIRTH CONTROL INCLUDING BIRTH CONTROL EDUCATION AND ABORTION .     any government that does not support female reproductive rights completely , socially , legally , financially , and in every other way is an illegitimate government .     all illegitimate governments will be replaced by legitimate governments quickly and peacefully with the assistance of gig .      gig will help the U N unite the world politically .      


the I M F  is uniting the world economically with transparency , ballanced budget amendments , trade agreements and regional currencies like the euro .     gig will support the I M F in this by helping continents like europe unite .     south america is ready to become one market with one currency and one government .    so is south east asia .    so are other regions .    gig will help these places with this goal