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hello .

my name is charles . 

I want to save the earth by reducing the number of people on earth .   

this is called depopulationism .   

depopulationism is a concept that was created in the 1970 ' s and enacted as government policy in the 1980 ' s in china .     depopulationism is also known as the " one woman one child policy " .    depopulationists , like myself , feel that it is illegal for someone to get pregnant a second time .

depopulationist's want to create a signifigant and sustained and immediate decline in the human population on earth .    this would allow the number of people on earth to arrive at a sustainable level .     this is a number for future generations to determine , however , I will guess that it is around two or three billion people .      this will allow for more trees to grow back and then , in the future , when humans want to breath oxygen , there will be enough trees to create eough oxygen for humans to breath and then everyone wont suffocate to death .      thats a good thing .   

as long as the human population continues to rise on earth , our odds of survival and our quality of life goes down .    we are on a suicide course which is driven by stupidity and greed and insanity .       I have spent my entire life fighting against this evil and I shall continue to do so .     logic and reason shall prevail , I can only hope that it does so in time .     

I created gig in the year 2000 to help me promote my depopulationist agenda .   gig is global internet government . .     gig is a world government .      gig will assist the united nations and the international monetary fund in uniting the world .    gig will provide all humans a place where they can participate in and contribute to the world government .    gig will let everyone comment on and understand where they fit into the unification of humans in the present tense .      

gig will monitor every financial transaction by every government on earth by making all movements of government spending public online immediately and in an easy and simple way to understand .     gig will promote global female reproductive rights , G F R R  .    G F R R means that every female on earth has the right to total and free access to all forms of birth control , including birth control education and abortion .     any government that does not completely support G F R R is an illegitimate government and will be replaced by gig quickly and peacefully .      gig will create a cyber currency , fogbank , that will allow all humans to have a small amount of money and votes to use at gig .     this is mostly symbolic for the forseeable future , but will be the starting point and foundation for a new world in this new millennium . 

gig will unite earth politically with freedom , democracy , equality and common sense .     gig will unite the earth financially with transparency , ballanced budget ammendments , regional currencies and trade agreements .     gig follows the model of the european union and will apply that to the world as nations evolve and become ready for this transformation .    

this is an exciting and crucial time to be alive and we should all make the most of it .    please vote for me for president of the usa in 2020 and 2024 and please vote for me for city council in 2020 if you live in redmond oregon .    I am a libertarian which means I am for less government and more freedom .    I am a 51 year old atheist with no kids .     thank you . 

charles webster baer 

redmond oregon usa earth

march 29th , 2020

541 797 3236